Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What all can a dsi do?

The DSI can do all the features of the DS Lite such as pictochat, ds download, changing the settings, the only thing it can not do is play game boy advance games. It also includes a camera in which you can take regular pictures, change the color of them, change the color of one thing in them, mirror, morph, do distortions, tell resemblence, and more. It has a sound changing system where you can make your pitch high and low fast and slow. It also includes wireless internet where you can browse the internet. It also has a DSI store where you buy exclusive games from it. Another feature is if your playing a game and do not want to play it any more if you press the power button once it goes right back to the DSI menu. But if you press it and hold it down than it wilol turn off. It also expensive. It costs $160 but if you went to GAME STOP in June you could have gotten $100 off if you turned in your DS Lite. You can get it in black and blue at the time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A few weeks ago there was a terrible rainstorm. it was so bad that all the manhole covers blew off, my nieghbors yard flooded, and our pool flooded and turned to mud here are a few pics:
DARN IT it wont work ill do it another day.

Yard Sale

Today it was a block sale on my block and it started to rain while my friends were out and they galmost got struck by lightning 5 feet above his head he jumped to the ground and then ran away.